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Do's and Don'ts
Do Not place the FreshLife Sprouter on or near surfaces that can be
    damaged if exposed to water. Small amounts of water may spray out
    during the sprinkling process or when the LID is removed.

Do Not over-water the sprouts by pouring additional water.

Do Not place the FreshLife Sprouter where children can easily reach
    it without adult supervision.

Do Not place FreshLife Sprouter close to other indoor plants or flowers.
    Insects or diseases from them may be transmitted to and/or contaminate
    the sprouts.

Do Not place FreshLife Sprouter under direct sunlight, close to the oven
    or other kitchen appliances which generate heat.

Do Not allow sprouts to overgrow.

Do follow the instructions carefully.

Do clean the FreshLife Sprouter thoroughly after every harvest or usage.

Do make sure you unplug the electrical cord when assembling or cleaning
    the FreshLife Sprouter.

Do Save these instructions when using an Extension Cord

This product is intended for household use only. The length of the cord is
    made short in order to reduce the risk of injuries from becoming
    entangled in or tripping over a long cord. An extension cord is NOT
    recommended when operating this product. However, if necessary,
    an extension cord may be used with caution. If an extension cord is used,
    please look for the following:
    1. The marked electrical rating of the extension cord should exceed
        the electrical rating of the FreshLife Sprouter.
    2. The extension cord must be a three prong grounded type.
    3. The extension cord should not be placed under the carpet and should
        not be placed on an area where people may trip over it.
    4. Do not overload the extension cord with other electrical appliances.