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Special Features of the "FreshLife Sprouter"
FreshLife Sprouter is for indoor use only in room temperatures of 65°F
    to 85°F(18.3°C ~ 29.4°C) for the sole purpose of growing sprouts
    and cereal grasses, and for no other purposes.

FreshLife Sprouter features an automatic sprinkling system to produce
    fresh, nutritious and tender sprouts.

FreshLife Sprouter is inexpensive to operate and easy to clean

FreshLife Sprouter enables you to enjoy nutritional natural food
    all year round.

FreshLife Sprouter enables you to grow your own nutritional sprouts
    and wheatgrass! Wheatgrass has been proven to be one of the
    most nutritional foods on the earth

Expandable to Grow More
     FreshLife Sprouter is expandable to allow you to grow two times the sprouts! Just purchase a second sprout barrel from us to double your sprouting area. No other tools are necessary; just add the second barrel on top, place the seeds and plug it in...it's that simple! The expansion kit includes an extra barrel, top and bottom seed trays, the water tube assembly, and three stainless steel clips for support. Click here to see!