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8% Food Grade H2O2 Solution

(Hydrogen Peroxide for Sprouting Seeds)


What is H2O2?
Hydrogen Peroxide is an oxidizing agent. It produces oxygen which "oxidizes" or cleans. It will bleach hair and fabrics. In this respect, it works similar to household bleach, which is sodium hyper-chloride. Unlike bleach, H2O2 does no harm to the environment. Tribest's 8% solution is strong enough to disinfect, yet safe enough to handle and transport.

About Salmonella and E Coli
Although these pathogenic bacteria have been found in commercially grown sprouts, their incidence has become rare. Eggs, poultry, and meats are still, by far, the leading sources of these food-borne bacteria. Statistics tell us that you are more likely to be struck by lightning than to acquire a case of salmonella from sprouts. Nevertheless, all foods are subject to the threat of these bacteria. The sprouting industry has established procedures to find and eliminate these pathogenic bacteria. While this kind of testing does guarantee against bacteria, no cases of salmonella have emerged where it has been implemented.

For Mold Reduction and Seed Disinfection
We recommend you add as little as 2 capfuls to as much as one half cup of Tribest's H2O2 into the clean water in the water barrel of the Freshlife Automatic Sprouter. Increasing the quantity of H2O2 increases its concentration and improves its germ-killing effects.

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