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Helpful Notes
Soaking your seeds overnight before placing them in the sprouter will help
    the sprouts grow faster.

We recommend using organically grown seeds for better results. For more
    information about seeds, please inquire with a customer department
    at Tribest Corp.

Old seeds (more than a year old) may produce rotten sprouts or
    may delay their growth.

If the water does not sprinkle within 30 seconds after the machine is
    turned on, reassemble the WATER PRESSURE CONTROL TUBES.

We recommend minimizing the exposure of the sprouts to light by
    covering the lid with a dark colored cloth, especially for yellow sprouts,
    such as soybean sprout. In green sprouts, this will yield a more
    tender taste. Just remove the cloth cover a few hours before harvesting
    in order to activate the chlorophyll in the sprouts.

If fatter sprouts are desired, add some weight on top of the UPPER
    SEED TRAY (example: pebbles). Make sure that what you use for weight
    is clean.

We recommend changing the water in the WATER BARREL every
    1-2 days. If using a solution of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
    (1 table spoon to a barrel of water), this may not be necessary. It is
    normal and natural to have some foam floating on the water in the
    WATER BARREL during cultivation.