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A Detailed Look
Top Lid
Helps maintain an ideal temperature for rapid growth

Sprinkles water and supplies air.

Seed Trays
The Seed Trays have two different sized tabs on the bottom and top.
The side with the larger sized tabs should always face upward.
Upper Tray : Shown w/ Larger Tabs upward. (Laid on top of seeds.
Lower Tray : Shown w/ Larger Tabs upward. (Where seeds are spread.

Water Tube
Channels water to the sprinkler

Sprout Barrel
Sprouts are grown in here

Water Barrel
Reservoir and supplies water for cultivation.

Water Pressure Control Tube
Controls the quantity of water

How to Control Water Pressure
As seen in the drawing, turning the control knob to clockwise will decrease the water pressure and to counter clockwise will increase the pressure.

Motor Chamber
Holds a specially designed pump with a temperature sensor.

Optional Expansion Sprout Barrel Set
Sprout Barrel
Upper Tray
Lower Tray
Water Tube Assembly
Stainless Steel Clips
Allows you to grow twice as many sprouts! More details available on the features page. Shown below are the clips for the expansion kit.

The actual products and parts may be slightly different from the pictures shown above as a result of design improvements on the manufacturer's behalf.